Cassie and Greg

Cassie and Greg were such a joy to work with! Instead of us telling their story they wanted to give their version of the greatest day ever!

The first time we toured the venue was right after our first venue went bankrupt. I was away on a bachelorette trip when we found out that our first venue closed their doors for good. There wasn’t much I could do at the time because I wasn’t home, but Greg took it upon himself to find us a new venue that weekend. He found Aaron online and sent him a message to see if you were available for our date and you were! Greg set up a tour with Aaron and came and saw the venue on his own. After he toured the venue he called me and simply said, "I found the perfect venue for us it is even better than our first venue!" When I got home Sunday evening you guys were so accommodating and allowed us to drive up and see the venue greg for his second time me for my first and Greg was right it truly was perfect we had no doubt, and as soon as we got in the car to drive home we both said let’s do it!
Our experience at The Grand Estates was so far above and beyond what I could have ever asked for. The whole planning process was so easy and you kept us calm and eased our minds the whole way, especially with having to postpone due to covid. Every single person we interacted with leading up to our day and our whole stay for the weekend was amazing. One of my most favorite things from the entire experience was having the venue for the entire weekend and being able to be with our family and friends, hang out at night by the fire and having breakfast all together in the mornings. It was so special to all be in one place at one time and to all be together getting ready and prepping for the big day and then to all wake up the morning after the wedding and have that time to all have breakfast together and talk about all of the memories from the day before.
It was truly a dream weekend and wedding that we could have never done without The Grand Estate Team.



We love first looks around here, and this one did not disappoint!

After the special dances and dinner it was time to party!

We loved Cassie and Gregs wedding, and are so grateful that they chose to have their wedding with us!

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