Nikki and Quinn 

Nikki and Quinn's story begins with our first tour, with Nikki and her mom! (What I learned is that mom would definitely be the life of the party) Neither Nikki or Aaron would realize how magical this tour was. I know that may sound a little ridiculous, but for reals! The tour concluded in the bridal suite as most of our tours do. Aaron pointed out one of our favorite picture moments for the Bride, to which both Nikki's mom and Nikki both cried about that one small detail of her wedding day to come. Nikki's mom, breaking the ice said, "Let's sign the contract." From that day until Wedding day was filled with many visits to The Grand Estate, emails, and texts all in preparation for the big day.

The moment that Nikki and Quinn had been looking forward to, ever since Quinn met Nikki's mom at a Thin Lizzy concert (yes that is how this romantic love story started) had finally come, and the weather said it was going to rain ALL WEEKEND. I am sure that Nikki was not looking forward to that news. She understood that this was the only variable, that we could not control so she went to the drawing boards to create her new dream wedding. Little did we know that this wedding would be the poster child for an indoor tent wedding. Check out these images from one of our preferred vendors, "Sky's the Limit Photography."



We even snuck outside, in the rain to get some beautiful photos!

The reception tent was ready to rock with this Rock and Roll theme party complete with our preferred DJ,
Loyalty Entertainment.

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